Masterclass Series Begins at Beehive Insurance

Masterclass Series

Beehive Insurance is excited to introduce a new initiative to enhance employee development: the Masterclass Series. The series focuses on refining essential skills that team members often use regularly but could benefit from improving. 

“We couldn’t be more thrilled about this new initiative,” said Kim Wilson, Masterclass Committee Chair. “The response has been incredibly positive so far. I feel blessed to be part of this journey—helping others to learn, grow, and polish their skill sets.” 

The Masterclass Series showcases Beehive Insurance’s willingness to put into action its core value of “We Continuously Improve.” The monthly series is led by experts within Beehive Insurance and its parent company Clyde Companies. 

Practical Topics and Accessible Learning 

The first sessions have already taken place. They covered tips and tricks of Microsoft Excel and how to leverage LinkedIn effectively. Future Masterclasses will address writing impactful blog posts, crafting professional emails, and communicating effectively through Microsoft Teams—with more to come. 

Understanding the value of time, Masterclasses are conducted virtually, allowing employees to participate without disrupting their regular routines. This approach eliminates travel requirements and makes investing in professional growth easier. 

Topics by Committee 

In its inaugural year, the Masterclass Committee consists of Kim Wilson (Chair), Tammy Jensen, Brent Austin, Channon Judd, and Spencer Wall—with Heidi Pope overseeing the group. These individuals help determine the Masterclass topics to align with team members’ needs. 

The Masterclass Series will evolve with new committee members annually, ensuring fresh perspectives and a wide range of subjects. This will allow for learning and leadership opportunities for others. 

As future Masterclasses roll out, team members will be able to use the knowledge and skills they gain to save time and further advance their careers.

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