We Value People: Dayna Riding

We Value People: Dayna Riding

Dayna Riding’s career at Beehive Insurance has taken shape thanks to a genuine love for clients and a passion for her job. She has truly taken the company’s commitment to being “More Than Just a Policy” to heart. 

A Family Affair 

Dayna’s introduction to the insurance industry started with her father, who worked as a State Farm Insurance agent. It wasn’t an industry that initially intrigued Dayna, but after attending LDS Business College, Dayna joined Travelers Insurance, where she gained invaluable experience in underwriting and claims. 

“I needed some extra money while in college,” Dayna said. “So, I went to work for Travelers, and that’s where it really all started. Life happened and insurance was familiar to me, so I embraced it.” 

A Passion for Insurance 

Dayna truly has excelled in the industry by committing to improve herself—putting in the difficult work to get and maintain her Certified Insurance Counselor license. However, it was a conversation with a colleague, Teresa Hughes, that proved to be the most pivotal moment in shaping her career as an account manager. 

“We worked together before I came to Beehive,” Dayna said. “Teresa joined Beehive Insurance and then invited me to embark on this new adventure with her. I’ve now been at Beehive for 20 incredible years.” 

Building Relationships 

For Dayna, Beehive Insurance stands out because it’s all about the personal touch. Her genuine connection with clients helps her stay committed to building enduring relationships. 

“I’ve had most of my customers for decades,” Dayna said. “We’ve been through a lot together, and I cherish those connections. Being able to bring a sense of comfort and trust to their insurance experience is incredibly rewarding.” 

Clients and Family Intertwined 

To her, clients feel like an extension of her own family, allowing her to blend humor and professionalism seamlessly. It also helps to have actual family working with her at Beehive; Dayna is fortunate enough to work with her daughter, Stacey Williams. 

“My daughter had a job that didn’t suit her well, so I told her that she should get her insurance license,” Dayna said. “She’s really smart, and she passed the exam on her first try. After she worked for a couple of agencies, I talked her into coming over to Beehive. We work in different units, but I do get to see her often. It’s really nice to see my daughter. We always have a lot to talk about.” 

“It’s funny how our paths have intertwined in the insurance industry,” Stacey said. “She has always been a hard worker, incredibly knowledgeable, and a pro at trucking coverage. Whenever I need help, she’s there for me and everyone else. What impresses me the most is her ability to keep things lighthearted with her humor. She’s a friendly and supportive presence, a true friend to everyone. Working with her has been a rewarding experience.” 

Through her 40 years of experience in the insurance industry, Dayna has demonstrated that true success lies not just in numbers and policies but in the genuine connections and lasting impact we make on the lives of others. It’s how Dayna helps in Building a Better Community.

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