Technology coverage for non tangible assets

Technology is the fastest-moving industry in the country. Technology businesses are complex, with their unique risks handling more intangible assets like software, data, and IP than tangible property like buildings, vehicles, and hardware. Most insurance programs are great at covering traditional tangible items, but intangible software assets are often overlooked.  

Beehive Insurance builds specialized policies that will cover both your tangible and intangible assets. Whether you are a basement start-up or a venture-backed tech conglomerate, these four coverage programs ensure you are covered appropriately.

Specialty Technology Coverage:

  • Technology Errors & Omissions (E&O) – Covers the liability that arises if the software or advice given through the software causes financial harm. 
  • Cyber Liability & Data Breach – Provides 1st party coverage in case company data is breached through malware, ransomware, etc.  Also provides 3rd party liability coverage in case another party’s data is breached because of your system. 
  • Enterprise Risk Management Captive –  This sophisticated insurance and tax strategy covers many IP and intangible asset related risks that are not properly covered through standard insurance outlets.

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