Imagine that you could have unlimited free access to attorneys that are ready to answer the business questions that keep you up at night. Imagine that you could find almost any service your business needs, and at a significant discount. No need to imagine, because Beehive Insurance has already made a significant investment into HivePlus so this can be a reality for your business. 

HivePlus allows you to use free services that would normally cost your business thousands of dollars. And the programs that aren’t free are given to you at a HivePlus member discount. 

Some of the services available through HivePlus include:

  • Free unlimited consulting with experts in many business-related fields such as human resources, accounting, business law, employment law, and many others. 
  • Employee Handbook Review & Creation 
  • Training Services
  •  Background Checks & Drug Testing 
  • Cyber Security Assessment 
  • And Many, Many More Services! 


We have partnered with HR360 to provide our clients with a new, award-winning online library that delivers comprehensive, easy-to-navigate human resources and benefits news, content, tools, and forms to companies nationwide.

HR360’s comprehensive, easy to use online features include:

  • Interactive compliance guides that provide step-by-step direction on how to properly conduct performance reviews, interview, hire and terminate employees
  • A Benefits Compliance Calendar
  • A step-by-step interactive guide for implementing COBRA and FMLA
  • Fast, efficient online HR tools for developing job descriptions and salary benchmarking
  • Over 700 downloadable forms, posters and model notices
  • Federal and state employment law information
  • Monthly HR and benefits newsletter

EMod Analysis

The Experience Modification Factor, or EMod for short, is an important component of your workers compensation insurance.  The EMod compares your company’s loss history to similar companies across the country. If your company is better than average, you save money on your premium.  If it’s worse than average, you pay extra in premium.

At Beehive Insurance, we help you better understand your EMod and how it affects how much you pay every year.  We take the confusing NCCI EMod worksheet and turn it into an easy to understand report so you know what is happening with your EMod.  We then help you develop a plan for the future. If your EMod is better than average, we work with you to help keep it that way. If it’s worse, we can help you develop a multi-year plan to get it back in shape.

Background Screening

Hiring the right people is critical to the success of your business. When you are considering a new job applicant, how much does their job application or 
resume tell you?  To help you better understand who you are hiring.

Beehive Insurance has partnered with VICTIG, an industry-leader in background screening. Our strategic relationship provides our clients with a significant group discount on all services.

The VICTIG background screening software was developed with input from human resource professionals and business owners like you. It was specifically designed to free up more of your time, present easy to read results, and quickly return comprehensive results.  By combining the very best technology with world-class customer support, VICTIG is able to reduce costs, save time, and provide the results you need, when you need them.

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