Beehive’s History

Beehive Original Location

Beehive’s Original Location

In 1961, construction mogul Wilford W. Clyde, head of WW Clyde & Co., and his assistant, J. Richard Walton, founded Beehive Insurance Agency. The tiny operation started in Salt Lake City with start-up capital provided by Clyde, and with Walton serving as Beehive’s first President.

One reason Beehive was founded was to provide a reliable source for the Clyde Companies to utilize for their insurance needs. However Beehive has always been more than just an in-house insurance agency for the Clyde Companies.

Dick Walton

J. Richard Walton

Policyholders soon realized that Richard Walton was a man they could trust. He developed relationships with Utah’s construction and trucking leaders that would sow the seeds of Beehive’s future prosperity. He had a special knack for earning the trust of those he met. His sincerity and strong work ethic helped validate that trust. Walton worked tirelessly as a broker to bring customers and insurance companies together.

In 1979 Walton recruited Doug Snow, and mentored him as he continued to grow in the industry. In 1991, Richard announced his retirement and Doug was promoted to President and CEO of Beehive Insurance.

For the first six years as President of Beehive, Doug carried on as his mentor had, working as the agency’s only producer. In 1997 Beehive moved its operations from its humble office in Salt Lake to their current headquarters in Murray.

Doug Snow

Doug Snow

Over the next several years Doug took advantage of several opportunities to grow the agency further into areas of utah health insurance, commercial truck insurance and business insurance by hiring talented career producers including Susan Smith, Cory Payne, and Aaron Griffith. In 2003, Beehive further expanded by acquiring the talents of Rand Austin, Mark Austin, and Jim Dickson. As a resulting impact, Beehive has continued to grow with the addition of new producers, both seasoned pros and new starts, to the agency. Most recently, Beehive expanded their operations into new areas by opening a Benefits Division, led by the talented Todd Valentine. One thing customers have found when working with the employees at Beehive is that each agent, account manager and staff member has a strong work ethic and that each brings the highest standards of integrity to the business world.

Beehive Producers

Some of Beehive’s Producers at our 50 Year Anniversary Open House

In the last 50 years, the company has grown from a single producer in an office of four, to an agency of 17 producers in an office of 35. Today Beehive Insurance is positioned better than ever to find the right coverage at the best price for most any area of insurance. As much as the company has changed, everyone at the agency knows that their success still depends on building strong, trusting, long-term relationships with their customers.  Just as it was in 1961 when Beehive started.