We Value People: Michelle Fife

We Value People: Michelle Fife

Michelle Fife is passionate about helping people protect their financial security. As an account manager at Beehive Insurance, she is always looking for new ways to help her clients. 

Discovering the Insurance World 

After earning a degree in interior design, Michelle’s career plans quickly changed with her first husband.  

“We were super competitive in archery, and we would travel all over the place,” Michelle said. “We eventually ended up moving to southern Utah, where I focused on being a stay-at-home mom.” 

Soon after, Michelle sought an additional source of income and found herself stepping into the insurance industry. Little did she know at the time that this would lead her into a career ripe with growth opportunities, stability, and security. 

Starting as an administrative assistant, Michelle quickly realized she wanted more growth opportunities. With the encouragement of her supervisor, she obtained her license and transitioned into the commercial side of insurance. 

Building Strong Relationships as an Account Manager 

Michelle’s career path then led her to Certified Insurance, which was later acquired by Beehive Insurance. She has been with Beehive ever since, utilizing her skills as an account manager to provide tailored insurance solutions for clients. 

As an account manager, Michelle assists clients with their insurance needs and ensures they have the right coverage to protect their businesses. 

“I like to get to know the clients and exactly what they do to try and help them be successful in their business,” Michelle said. “It’s kind of a puzzle-like process. That kind of attention to detail is proof that Beehive Insurance is ‘More Than Just a Policy.’” 

“Michelle is the epitome of a dedicated employee,” said Teresa Moore, Lead Account Manager at Beehive Insurance. “She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure our success while upholding the highest ethical standards. Michelle is committed to her clients and her ability to maintain strong relationships really does set her apart in this industry.” 

Fulfillment in an Ever-Changing Industry 

With its constantly evolving nature, Michelle finds the insurance industry incredibly fulfilling. 

“It’s never boring,” Michelle said. “There’s always plenty to do. You’re always learning, and everything constantly changes.” 

Michelle knows that people will always need insurance, and as such, the industry offers incredible job security. There are also various career paths available, making it accessible to individuals with diverse interests and skill sets. 

“There’s something for everyone in this industry,” Michelle said. “And at Beehive Insurance, you get an incredible amount of stability. It’s really a great place to make a living.”

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