We Value People: Cameron Morgan

We Value People: Cameron Morgan

Cameron Morgan’s entrepreneurial background uniquely positions him as one of the newest producers at Beehive Insurance. Bringing 14 years of experience as a business owner in service and manufacturing, Cameron has a heart for small businesses, understanding their challenges and needs from a firsthand perspective. 

A Strategic Partner to Small Businesses 

“I really enjoy working with other small business owners,” Cameron said. “It’s nice to be a strategic partner with these folks. I feel like I’ve got a unique perspective to offer. Hopefully I can relate to my clients better because I’ve been in their seat. I like partnering with them because I can totally understand how confusing insurance can be, having been on the receiving end of it.” 

His supervisor and current vice president, Tyson Perkes, believes Cameron has quickly adapted to his new role and environment and that his past experience has played a big part in the adjustment. 

“Cameron has a genuine enthusiasm for helping small businesses,” Tyson said. “As a previous business owner himself, Cameron understands their perspective and has a unique way of connecting with them. He brings a down-to-earth approach that resonates with our clients. We’re lucky to have such a great advocate for our small business clients here at Beehive.” 

Facilitating Community Growth in Insurance 

With a little over a year at Beehive Insurance, Cameron has quickly learned to appreciate team members at the company that have helped him along the way. 

“I love the people I’m surrounded with,” Cameron said. “There’s integrity in this office, and I trust everybody I work around wholeheartedly. I was initially weary of coming into the corporate environment, but everyone is so genuine here.” 

Cameron took a leap into his new field after talking with Mike Valentine, a good friend and producer at Beehive. 

“I was in the process of selling my last company to a larger competitor,” Cameron said. “Things happened faster than expected, and I was looking for my next opportunity. I talked with Mike and learned more about Beehive’s parent company, Clyde Companies. I liked that they were backed by such a large company, and I learned more from there.” 

Making Meaningful Contributions at Beehive 

Cameron’s dedication is clear and aligns well with Beehive’s mission of Building a Better Community. Through his work, he wants to do more than just provide insurance; he wants to contribute to his community and its growth. 

In his past roles, Cameron helped create jobs and add value to the local economy through his small businesses. Now at Beehive, he’s making meaningful contributions another way by providing insurance solutions to local businesses. 

“Throughout my career, I’ve had an ongoing commitment to contribute to the economy and help small businesses thrive,” Cameron said. “I plan to do the same thing with my insurance career. I’m grateful to be here.”

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