Dayna Riding: A Force for Community Change

Giving Back with Dayna Riding

Dayna Riding has been with Beehive Insurance for 20+ years. She truly resonates with the company’s mission of Building a Better Community and desires to make her community better. Throughout her time at Beehive, she has taken it upon herself to serve those around her outside of work. 

It all began after her son deployed in the military just before the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. The impact of that national tragedy and her son’s service propelled her to want to help others. Over time, her efforts gradually evolved community-wide, marked by the 9/11 Day of Service, and more recently, a collaboration with Christmas Box International. 

9/11 Day of Service: Turning Grief into Action 

Dayna became involved with the 9/11 Day of Service, a church project, in her hometown of Kearns, Utah. Over time, it has come to unite diverse groups, including local churches, students, and athletes from Kearns High School, in activities meant to improve the community. 

Projects have ranged from park cleanups and food drives to installing playground equipment for special needs children. One project that was close to Dayna’s heart included children writing appreciation letters to police, firefighters, and military personnel. 

“I started this as a way to feel closer to my son while he was deployed,” Dayna said. “The 9/11 Day of Service was something that allowed me to channel my worry and anxiety into something positive. It was a way for me to honor those affected by the tragedy and to feel like I was doing something meaningful for my son and for my community.” 

Christmas Box International: A Beacon of Hope for Children 

Dayna’s recent involvement with Christmas Box International is an extension of her 9/11 Day of Service work, focused on aiding children in emergency situations. 

Working with other volunteers, she assembles care packages for children removed from their homes containing essentials such as clothing. The assembly process involves a significant number of volunteers and logistics, and the group was fortunate enough to gain access to space at Salt Lake Community College. 

In all, it’s estimated that 1,040 people were involved in this project. Approximately 2,090 hours of time were donated, and the care packages were valued at around $25,000 total. 

“These children need our help, and so we put together bags for them,” Dayna said. “It’s more than just providing necessities; it’s about giving these kids a sense of dignity and care. When they receive these bags, they know that there are people out there who care about them, who are thinking about them, and that they are not alone in their struggles.” 

Dayna remains dedicated to serving others. She plans to keep her tradition alive of serving whenever and wherever she can, including feeding the homeless just before the new year. Through these initiatives, Dayna has shown that Building a Better Community can take place even outside of working hours. She is a prime example of a team member making a difference for others.  

Like Dayna, Beehive Insurance frequently gives back to the community. Whether it’s teaming up with other insurance companies for cleaning up parks or partnering with the Utah Manufacturers Association for a joint food drive, giving back is embedded in the culture of the company. It’s great to see Beehive Insurance team members like Dayna taking their own initiative and giving back on their own time. Thank you, Dayna, for your positivity and caring, especially around the holidays.

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