We Value People: Joanie Hardcastle

Joanie Hardcastle

As a senior account executive and producer at Beehive Insurance, Joanie Hardcastle has dedicated her career to helping individuals and businesses protect what matters most to them. 

“At its core, what I love most about my work is helping people,” Joanie said. “Being able to take care of others and provide them with the protection they need brings me immense joy. It’s about giving people peace of mind—it’s truly fulfilling.” 

Joanie’s genuine desire to make a difference in people’s lives has propelled her to explore different facets of the industry throughout her 28-year career. After her time at a brokerage house as a customer service representative, she worked on the carrier side for 16 years, continuing her mission of caring for others. Her journey eventually led her to Beehive Insurance, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter in her career. 

“I heard about Beehive through Todd Valentine, who started the benefits department,” Joanie said. “I was instantly drawn to Beehive’s values and its dedication to going the extra mile for clients. It felt like the perfect fit.” 

Joanie discovered a company that prioritizes relationships, integrity, and delivering exceptional service. Because Joanie shares these same values, she’s been an excellent match for Beehive Insurance. 

“Joanie is like lightning in a bottle,” Todd said. “She has more positive energy than anyone you’ll ever meet. What impresses me about her is not only her boundless optimism, but also her sincere care for people. Joanie is a genuinely good person, always happy to help, answer questions, and be a resource. It’s her authentic nature that truly connects with others. She’s a remarkable individual.” 

Joanie understands the importance of building strong relationships with her clients and learning about the difficulties they face. 

“Understanding their challenges and goals is key to providing them with the best possible coverage,” Joanie said. “It’s about going beyond the transaction and truly becoming a trusted advisor.” 

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Joanie’s personal life is equally remarkable. Married for 42 years to her high school sweetheart, Joanie and her husband have raised two children. She now enjoys her role as a grandparent to triplet grandsons. 

“They’re the highlight of my life,” Joanie said. “Three boys, full of energy and adventure. There’s never a dull moment!” 

Outside of work, Joanie enjoys time in nature. With a family cabin nestled in the high Uintas, she finds solace and rejuvenation surrounded by the mountains. Exploring the outdoors with her family helps create lasting memories amid incredible landscapes. 

“Life is a journey,” Joanie said. “And for me, it’s been about making a positive impact on people’s lives. Beehive Insurance really is More Than Just a Policy, and I’m grateful to be here. I’ve learned that experience and a genuine passion for what you do can take you far.”

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