Beehive Insurance Paves the Way for Women’s Leadership Opportunities

Beehive new leadership meeting

Beehive Insurance is proud to announce our commitment to creating more leadership opportunities for women with the promotion of several new individuals. In line with our core value of “We Continuously Improve” and our vision for continued growth, we have undertaken a restructuring initiative to make these changes possible.

With 43 employees previously reporting to just one insurance operations manager, Dennis Dunbar, it became clear that we needed to create a more feasible organizational structure to support training and development opportunities for the growth of all team members. 

“With this change, I have experienced a shift in my role from managerial tasks to true leadership,” said Dennis. “Previously, it was challenging for my direct reports to envision greater aspirations. These changes have invigorated Beehive’s collective spirit while empowering so many to reach for new heights.” 

Coupled with a strategic initiative across Clyde Companies to increase women in leadership roles, we believe we’re now creating a stronger organization that reflects the talents and perspectives of team members while better supporting all of our employees. 

Introducing the New Leaders 

We are delighted to introduce the following exceptional women who have been selected to assume new leadership positions, and we congratulate them on their well-deserved promotions: 

  • Brook Wilson: Lead Account Manager 
  • Katlyn Bigelow: Lead Account Manager 
  • Kim Russell: Lead Account Manager 
  • Kim Wilson: Lead Account Manager 
  • Teresa Moore: Lead Account Manager 
  • Terri Hammond: Lead Account Manager 
  • Danielle Marchant: Quality Control & Training Coordinator 

“The caliber of the candidates who applied for these new positions was truly remarkable,” said Adam Snow, Vice President of Beehive Insurance. “As we reviewed their qualifications and experience, it became clear these seven team members possess an exceptional blend of talent, passion, and drive. I am genuinely excited for Beehive’s bright future.” 

Leading the Way to a Bright Future 

At Beehive Insurance, we are fully committed to creating an environment where everyone has equal opportunities for representation and access to leadership roles. Coupled with these promotions, we aim to celebrate diversity and empower women to thrive professionally. 

Beehive Insurance is proud to continually improve by building an empowering workplace where all team members can thrive, lead, and inspire. Congratulations, once again, to our newly promoted leaders!

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