We Value People: Brittany Bates

Brittany Bates, an account manager at Beehive Insurance, is bringing a breath of fresh air to the insurance industry. With her warm smile and commitment to customer satisfaction, Brittany has redefined what it means to provide personalized service. 

But her journey into the insurance world was far from typical, as she found her way to Beehive Insurance through an unexpected connection. During the pandemic, Brittany and her best friend from high school both found themselves unexpectedly unemployed and ended up working together at the same company. It was through her friend’s mother, who was part of the Utah Nonprofits Association, that Brittany first heard about her future employer. 

“Todd Valentine, a senior vice president at Beehive Insurance, reached out to my friend’s mom and asked if she knew of anyone looking for a job,” “Brittany said. “He said they were looking to fill an account manager position, and that’s how it all started.” 

Brittany believes the family-like atmosphere and personal touch Beehive Insurance brings to their client relationships helps the company stand out above the crowd as “More Than Just a Policy.” 

“There’s really just a big ‘family feel’ here,” Brittany said. “We’re able to really rely on each other to make sure everything gets handled the way it should. We think of our clients as more than just clients; we see them as families.” 

As an account manager, Brittany works closely with the small group benefits side of the business, collaborating with multiple producers at Beehive Insurance, including Spencer Wall. 

“Brittany is a valuable asset to our team,” Spencer said. “Her detailed responses, timely communication, and dedication to client satisfaction bring immense value to our work. She constantly seeks opportunities to learn and grow, making her a highly teachable and proactive account manager.” 

Brittany’s day-to-day tasks of managing accounts includes handling additions and terminations, enrolling employees, and assisting groups with any changes or questions they may have. Additionally, Brittany takes charge of the installation process for small groups, ensuring a seamless transition to the appropriate carriers. 

Her work hasn’t always proven to be easy for her. Brittany had to overcome a significant challenge to excel in her position: being anxious and nervous of phone calls. However, working at Beehive Insurance has helped her conquer this fear. 

“Beehive not only helped me get over that, but also taking it a step further, the fear of diving in the deep end without knowing what I’m doing,” Brittany said. “I had no idea about insurance when I started, but I jumped all in and learned as much as I could. I’ve put in the work, and it has paid off.” 

Looking ahead, Brittany aspires to expand her knowledge and expertise while helping in Building a Better Community. She hopes to continue working with small group benefits while also venturing into the realm of large group benefits. Brittany is driven by her curiosity and eagerness to learn, always seeking new opportunities to grow and improve, and Beehive Insurance is proud to have her talents in the office.

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