We Value People: Kim Russell

We Value People: Kim Russell

When Kim Russell graduated from college with a degree in history and a minor in business education, she thought her career path was clear: to become a teacher. However, after completing her student teaching, she had a change of heart. 

“I recognized that it wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life,” Kim said. “It just wasn’t the right fit for me.” 

And so, she began to explore other options, leading her into insurance by chance. 

“I fell into a job with Flying J Insurance Services,” Kim said. “They specialized in doing trucking, and that’s just kind of what got me into the insurance industry.” 

Fast forward 19 years later, and Kim is now an Account Manager at Beehive Insurance. She joined the company two years ago, looking for a change and wanting to branch out into more than what she had been doing at her previous company. 

“I have a friend, Lisa Gilbert, that was working here at Beehive Insurance, and she told me how great it was and how much she had liked it,” Kim said. “And they had a job opening for a commercial account manager. I applied and interviewed, and they hired me.” 

Lisa believes that Kim is an excellent contributor to the workplace and admires what she brings to the company. 

“If you’re having a bad day, she can make you laugh,” Lisa said. “She has a great sense of humor, and it’s easy to be around her. She’s hardworking, she knows what she’s doing, and she does it well. She’s got a great knowledge base of insurance and is willing to help whenever you need help.” 

Since joining Beehive Insurance, Kim has found a sense of fulfillment in her work that she hadn’t experienced before. She’s truly discovered for herself the company is “More Than Just a Policy.” 

“What I like about Beehive Insurance is the culture and the people,” Kim said. “It’s a very collaborative environment, and we work together to make sure that our clients have the best coverage and the best service possible.” 

Kim takes pride in the work she does and the relationships she builds with her clients.  

“I enjoy getting to know people and learning about their business so that we can tailor our coverage to their specific needs,” Kim said. “It’s satisfying to know that we’re helping our clients protect what matters most to them.” 

For Kim, insurance is more than just a job; it’s a calling. 

“I think insurance is really important, and I’m passionate about it,” Kim said. “It’s rewarding to know that I’m helping people and making a difference in their lives.” 

Beehive Insurance is committed to providing exceptional service and coverage to its clients. With her dedication and passion for helping others, Kim has become a valuable asset to the Beehive team. Her efforts demonstrate her commitment to help in Building a Better Community.

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