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The Case of the Demolition Bandits

A client recently called to report a claim. His company had been hired as a demolition [...]

Spots On The Couch

For those of you who know me well enough, I am considered somewhat of a [...]

Grasshoppers and Glass Jars

A couple of summers ago, I came home from work to find a broken glass [...]

The Replacements

Many of you might remember a few months back when the NFL took a blind-sided [...]

What Do You “Self-Insure”?

Last fall I was planning to replace two of the four tires on my SUV [...]

Million Dollar Fire

Business was booming. I mean literally, BOOMING! My client was opening his third car audio [...]

Making The Right Call

Touchdown? Interception? Pass Interference! Everyone that is a football fan heard about the Monday Night [...]

Increase Your Bonding Capacity For 2013

Although bonding companies consider a contractor’s history and reputation in determining bonding capacity, the primary [...]

The Logan Lurker

When I was going to school a couple of years ago, there were a series [...]

“Fraud King” – Preventing Insurance Fraud

Stuart Clark, Claims Manager at Beehive Insurance One of the most prestigious awards I ever [...]