The Replacements

Many of you might remember a few months back when the NFL took a blind-sided sack because they failed to renew their contract with the NFL Referees Association before the season started, thus having to hire replacement refs to officiate games. It was a disaster.  

Through no fault of their own, the replacement refs were thrown into a situation where they were suddenly incapable of doing a satisfactory job because they lacked experience in officiating NFL games. They were unclear on the rules. They were not accustomed to the speed of an NFL game, and consequently, calls were missed and yellow flags were incorrectly tossed in games everywhere. By the end of the week 3 games, there was such a nationwide uproar over the replacement refs, that it put pressure on the NFL and the NFL Referees Association to quickly come to a contract agreement.  

In a sight probably never to be seen again, NFL refs were welcomed back with a standing ovation by fans as they entered NFL fields for the week 4 games1.  

Do you ever feel like you are working with a replacement insurance agency? Are they inexperienced or not up to the speed of the game? Do they know the rules? Are they a full-service agency that offers value added services like access to a network of ancillary business services like BizAssure, HR 360, payroll services, Workers Comp E-MOD analysis, among others?  

Beehive customers know full well the value of an experienced agency that is accustomed to the speed of the ever-changing insurance world. I recently received a Christmas card from a client thanking me for spending so much time with their company to make sure their insurance needs are always satisfied. It made my day, and that’s the reason why we here at Beehive are in the business.  

Beehive has been in business for over 50 years. We take pride in doing things honestly and in the right way because we know the rules of the game. Our network of value-added services is unmatched. Once you start working with us you will realize we do things differently. It’s not just about insurance. It’s about recognizing other aspects of your business and how our value-added services will help you save money in those areas as well. If you’re not a Beehive client, check us out, it’s the right call. We are confident that we’ll be able to help you improve your insurance situation and we won’t even ask for a standing ovation, just maybe a referral or two.  

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at the HIVE! 

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