Women in Business: Leslie Metz of North American Trailer

Leslie Metz

National Business Women’s Week is the third week in October. Beehive Insurance hopes to shine a spotlight on remarkable women in Utah who are redefining leadership and impact in the business world. 

A Journey of Determination 

Leslie Metz is the Controller of North American Trailer. She’s a “simple Wyoming girl” at heart, yet she has successfully carved out a space for herself in a male-dominated industry. 

“I came from a very humble background,” Leslie shared. “It’s humbling, and sometimes almost seems unreal that I have made it this far. I started as an AP clerk with this company nearly 12 years ago, and I’ve moved up through the ranks, trying my best to make a difference along the way.” 

In an industry and state where professional men often outweigh women in senior positions, one of Leslie’s most notable challenges has been asserting her place and value. Assisted by her knowledge and experience, Leslie is not one to back down. 

“I’ve learned the importance of establishing my credibility,” Leslie said. “It’s about demonstrating my expertise, validating my education, and affirming my worth in my role. Trusting my instincts has been crucial. I understand how to silence the noise and distractions that can emerge. Every woman has the power to thrive by embracing this approach.” 

Creating a Nurturing Environment 

North American Trailer is known for its comprehensive services in the semi-trailer sector, boasting two locations in Utah. Yet, it’s the recent inception of Granite Truck Bodies, a DBA within the company, that Leslie is most proud of. 

“Three of my staff members and I started it from the ground up,” Leslie noted. “It’s been a great source of pride for me. We literally built a business within the business. You can do anything you set your mind to if you’re willing to do the work to get it.” 

More than the services and innovations, Leslie knows that the team spirit within North American Trailer is what makes working at her company so enjoyable. She prides herself on helping to create an atmosphere where employees feel valued and essential. 

“I haven’t had to advertise for an open position in over two years,” Leslie said. “Every new employee on my team over that timeframe has come from a referral. We truly believe that everyone is a valued member of a collective team. We aren’t separated into ‘bosses’ and ‘employees.’ My managers are called my leadership group because I believe in leaders, and I believe anyone can work their way up to a leadership role just like I did.”

Beehive Insurance acknowledges the pivotal role women have in bolstering business success. A BCG report found that gender diversity correlates with a 20% higher innovation revenue. Our commitment to promoting women in business was recently shown by accepting the WLI Institute’s ElevateHER Challenge. We proudly recognize business partners like North American Trailer who are dedicated to propelling women into leadership roles. Our joint efforts are shaping a business environment where women are not merely present but are essential catalysts of success and innovation in the workplace.

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