How to Create an Emergency Plan

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How to Create an Emergency Plan 

Start a conversation with your household about your plan to be ready for any emergency. Involve everyone in the discussion – including kids – to ensure all members of your household know what to do.  Creating an emergency plan will ensure your family is #PreparedNotScared in the event of an emergency. 

Create your plan by addressing these 4 questions together: 

1. How will we receive emergency alerts and warnings? 

Download the @fema app on your phone. The app will provide you with weather alerts, disaster resources, and safety tips. A list of open shelters can be found during an active disaster in your local area inside the FEMA app. Ensure you are included in your local city, county, or state’s Wireless Emergency Alerts through the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System. 

2. What is our shelter plan? 

Choose the structurally safest area of your home to shelter-in-place at home. Learn how to turn off utilities like natural gas and water in your home. Secure your home by closing and locking doors and windows and unplug electrical equipment except for the refrigerator and freezer. Be prepared for a power outage by having enough food, water, clothing, and medicine to last for at least 72 hours. Assemble a 72-hour emergency kit for each member of the family and update the kits every year. 

3. What is our evacuation route? 

Diagram your home and map out escape routes from each room. Practice this escape plan as a family at least twice a year. Plan a place where your family will meet, both within and outside of your immediate neighborhood. Become familiar with alternate routes and other means of transportation out of your area so you have options in an emergency. Assemble supplies that are ready for evacuation in a “go-bag.” 

4. What is our communication plan? 

Write down names, phone numbers, and email addresses for everyone in your household and duplicate and share this list with each person. Download a group texting app so your entire circle of family and friends and keep in touch before, during, and after an emergency. Meet your neighbors and collect contact information from them as well. Check with neighbors who may need help. Review, update, and practice your family emergency communication plan at least once a year, or whenever any of your information changes. 

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