Risks in Celebration

It’s hard to believe the holiday season is already upon us. Something that undoubtedly comes along with the holiday season is the annual company party. The holiday party is a time to celebrate with friends and co-workers and to put the day-to-day worries aside, right? That’s true, but it does take some extra planning ahead of time to make sure it’s a fun, worry-free night. For the most part, company parties are a once or twice a year event. Since they are infrequent, sometimes safety and liability issues get overlooked in the planning. So here are some tips to help plan for some of those safety and liability issues, and to help make sure it’s a safe and fun party: Alcohol Issues

  • Limit the number of drinks each employee can have
  • Hold the event at an off-site location with professional bartenders
  • Provide plenty of food and other drink options
  • Stop serving alcohol well before the end of the event
  • Provide alternate transportation for employees to prevent drinking and driving

Workers Compensation and Safety Issues

  • Pay attention to lighting, special decorations, cords, and other things that might cause slips and falls
  • Have an emergency plan in case an employee is injured or needs medical attention
  • Pay attention to potential storms and make sure all sidewalks and parking lots are clear

Harassment and Discrimination Issues

  • Prior to the event, let employees knows the standards to which they will be held
  • Make sure the party is not tied to any specific religious tradition
  • Avoid activities or inappropriate music that could lead to physical contact, unwanted social pressure or inappropriate conversation
  • Document and investigate all complaints and treat every complaint seriously

The holiday season is meant for celebration and being prepared is the key. Talk to your Beehive agent about making sure your risks are covered so you can truly celebrate and not worry about the risks involved.

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