Mobile Property

Sometimes your business needs insurance for exposures that are hard to place on a standard property policy.  You may have equipment that moves between worksites and is never in the same location from week to week.  You could have property that is under construction that needs insurance coverage.  Or you might need to protect important electronic data.  These types of unique risks require something different from what your regular insurance offers.

Mobile Property (also known as Inland Marine) coverage is best suited to provide coverage for:

  • Property being transported
  • Buildings under construction (builders risk)
  • Electronic Data and Computer Equipment
  • Contractors Equipment

In addition to these four types of coverage, Mobile Property policies can be written for a number of other unique property situations.  If you have property that faces unique risks, a mobile property policy could be what you need.   By letting us work with you to find the best insurance for your property, you can rest assured that your company is fully protected. From the most basic to the most complex, we can help.

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