We Value People: William Brooks

We Value People: William Brooks

As the marketing coordinator at Beehive Insurance, William Brooks is dedicated to making insurance more accessible to all. 

“I firmly believe that insurance doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating,” William said. “My goal is to make it approachable and understandable for everyone.” 

Arriving at Beehive Insurance 

William was introduced to Beehive Insurance through a friend, ultimately discovering an industry and company he’s grown to love. 

“Brook Wilson, my wife’s best friend and one of Beehive’s lead account managers, introduced me to the company,” William said. “I was immediately comfortable with the environment and the people I met.” 

An Evolving Role 

From there, he quickly carved out a unique role within the organization. 

“When I first started, I was assisting with benefits-related marketing, focusing on educating people about their insurance,” William said. “However, as my talents and abilities became apparent, my role naturally evolved into a broader marketing position.” 

William’s ability to connect with audiences and simplify complex insurance concepts sets him apart. His innovative mindset and adaptability have made him an invaluable asset to the company.  

“As demographics at Beehive change, different responsibilities have gradually fallen my way,” William said. “The path ahead is still a work in progress.” 

Recognized and Valued by Peers 

William is also making great impressions among fellow coworkers, including Heidi Pope, Agency Relations Manager. 

“William is incredibly talented and does so many things so well,” Heidi said. “He is a great problem solver and puts 110% into everything he does. He is the first to volunteer for projects and to help someone with anything they need. We are very grateful for all that William does.” 

Even the president of Beehive Insurance, Doug Snow, noticed how helpful William was during the recent relocation of the company’s corporate headquarters

“William has performed above and beyond in helping Beehive get set up in our new office,” Doug said. “He has helped allow our people to continue to work without interruption during the transition. Well done!” 

A Diverse Skillset of Design and Theater 

William’s creative talents extend far beyond insurance. He has an innate ability to design spaces, especially during the holiday season. 

“I have a deep love for Christmas and creating magical experiences,” William said. “Every year, I immerse myself in setting up Christmas trees, including at the renowned Grand America Hotel. I was even flown to San Diego one year to arrange the Christmas trees at the Westgate Hotel.” 

In addition to his flair for design, William has a strong connection to the theater world.  

“The stage has always been a part of my life,” William said. “Last year, I had the incredible opportunity to act in a show called ‘Average Joe,’ which was written and directed by my talented wife. I played the character of Joe King, who is a playful nod to the challenges of life.” 

Transforming the Perception of Insurance 

With his creative spirit and passion for marketing and Building a Better Community, William helps bring light and clarity to an industry that can often be confusing. 

“I believe in meeting people where they are and using creative mediums to educate and inform,” William said. “Through video tutorials, interactive campaigns, and personalized experiences, we can empower individuals to take control of their insurance journey. And that’s what I’ve tried to do here.”

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