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Star Morgan Employee Highlight

Star Morgan has spent the last seven and a half years of her career with Beehive Insurance, but it’s an industry she’s been involved in since 1985. 

“I started out early on in my career in the insurance industry,” Star said. “A friend of mine worked at the offices of Nationwide Insurance, and she told me of an opening. So, I came on board and got licensed. 

“As a territorial sales manager, I took over an area that included Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and helped in Texas, California, and Ohio. It was during that job that I first heard of Beehive Insurance.” 

She continued to thrive at Nationwide Insurance until an unexpected turn of events led her to look for a new position. 

“Eventually, the product I sold was pulled from the state I was in,” Star said. “After 24 years, I received a call from Beehive Insurance about an opportunity. I had been traveling for a very long time, usually three weeks out of the month. This position was a perfect fit in order to work and be at home in the evenings.” 

A more grounded position came with many benefits, but learning another side of the insurance industry presented some challenges. 

“Moving over to learn the commercial side of insurance after all the years of being in personal lines was a bit of a challenge,” Star said. “But it has been a good challenge. There are still things that come up that I need to learn, simply because insurance is so diverse. Those evolving things keep me engaged. Learning something new is always a good thing.” 

As an account manager for Jim Dickson, Star does just about anything and everything needed to help manage his clients. 

“He has been fabulous in teaching me all about commercial insurance,” Star said. “I help him run the day-to-day operations which include assisting with renewals, new business, and providing customer service.” 

Star continues to learn more every day, despite being on the job for over seven years. It’s the people that keep her invested in what she does. 

“For me, this job is very interesting,” Star said. “You meet a lot of people and you get to hear a lot of stories. You really get to know those you work with—not just coworkers, but clients as well. In my prior life, when I traveled like I did, I got to know people all over. So, the people are definitely the biggest draw to a position in the insurance industry.” 

One of Beehive Insurance’s core values is “We Value People,” and Star sees that the company not only says that but aims to prove it each and every day. 

“I think the company does a great job of taking care of its people,” Star said. “They really care about you and your family, and the benefits are amazing. I just love what we do. This job has allowed me to stretch myself by learning another side of insurance. There’s always something to learn in the industry. 

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