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Kelly Murdock

Kelly Murdock didn’t always have a passion for the insurance industry. At the start of her career, she taught high school for 15 years before staying home to raise a family. 

“My husband was in banking, and 2008 was not a good year for that industry,” Kelly said. “So, he decided that he wanted to go into insurance, and I decided to join him, going one way in the industry while he went another. After we got training and licensing, we started working at different agencies. After some time in the industry, we joined forces.” 

This unique opportunity allowed the two to work together to grow their book of clients. 

“I had been working as a customer service representative with my husband, growing our book of business,” Kelly said. “It’s a little bit different working directly with your husband at your job, but I also worked for a couple of other agents at the same time.” 

Throughout the process, Kelly was able to learn more and more about the insurance space, finding similarities to her previous profession as a teacher. 

“Insurance is a lot like education,” Kelly said. “The fact that we kind of do our own thing, and as long as we do good work, we’re given space to just work hard. I like the interaction with customers and taking care of people.” 

In fact, taking care of people as an account manager is what Kelly relishes the most about her position. 

“It just always makes me happy when someone calls and laments about a bad event that happened, and I’m able to tell them that they’re covered,” Kelly said. “That just gives them such a relief, and they’re so thankful to hear that good news. So, to be able to help in a bad situation and, for the most part, tell them that they have coverage is so awesome. Helping people through hard times is quite satisfying.” 

Kelly has been with Beehive Insurance for nearly eight years, including four years at Certified Insurance, which the company acquired in 2018.  

“I love the coworkers I work with even though we’re always so independently working,” Kelly said. “They’re great people. I also love the interaction I have with my clients — being able to take care of friends and family and stay in touch with them is awesome. 

“It’s a great company to be a part of. Clyde Companies takes really good care of you with great benefits. The company is such a positive influence in the community. To be able to see all of the Sunpro, Sunroc, and Geneva Rock projects around the community has been amazing. You have a little pride in who you are when you see them.” 

As for what the future holds, Kelly hopes to continue growing her book, maintaining her current clients, and keeping them happy. 

“That will keep me busy,” Kelly said. “By providing great services, I’m able to get most of my growth through word of mouth. People refer others to me all the time because of the great service that I provide. Not to say that I’m fantastic, but good service always helps word of mouth growth. That’s what you want. If you’re insuring good people that really like you, they’re probably going to tell their friends and family. I’ve found that to be the best way to get new business and should keep me around in the industry for some time.” 

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