We Value People: Stephanie Chavez

Stephanie Chavez

As an employee at Beehive Insurance for the past 12 years, Stephanie can’t imagine working any place else. 

“I have worked at Beehive Insurance for over a decade, starting as the receptionist and am now a Lead Account Manager for Small Group Benefits,” Stephanie said. “It’s rewarding to help employers find affordable health coverage for their employees and to help them better understand how their benefits work best for their families.” 

She has enjoyed working with her coworkers and making relationships with those Beehive Insurance works with to provide policies. 

“I was pleasantly surprised last summer at our Utah Manufacturers Association (UMA) barbeque celebration,” Stephanie said. “I was recognized by some of the employers and human resources contacts that I work with as being the person with whom ‘they love and know that I’ll help with all their benefit needs.’” 

Helping customers with their benefits needs is something Stephanie has learned to cherish. She didn’t imagine that the insurance business would be where she would land for as long as she has though. 

“I didn’t know that a career in the insurance industry was for me until Todd Valentine (Senior Vice President at Beehive Insurance) stole me away from the receptionist desk to work with him in the benefits department,” Stephanie said. “Todd told me he ‘saw my potential.’ I had no clue what I was doing, but he promised to teach me everything I would need to know. I’m very grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given and the chance to excel!” 

Outside of work, Stephanie and her husband, Miguel, love spending time out in nature. 

“My summer passion is beautifying my yard with plants, flowers, wind chimes, and unique yard art,” Stephanie said. “I always plant a wall of mammoth sunflowers in my vegetable garden to harvest in the fall. When I’m not digging in the garden you can find me hiking, fishing, riding my bike, or playing with my grandchildren.” 

Stephanie has three sons, two daughters, and three stepchildren (all married) along with 28.5 grandchildren, including four sets of twins. 

As for what the future holds, Stephanie believes retirement is not far off. 

“It’s not many moons away from me,” Stephanie said. “It will probably happen within the next six to seven years, at which time I’ll happily ride off into the sunset and start a new chapter in my life.”

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