Companies Unite to Help Utah Refugees

Backpacks for Utah Refugees

Beehive Insurance and Geneva Rock worked together last month with the Utah Refugee Connection to provide back-to-school kits for refugee children in Utah. 

The two companies initially set out to receive donations from team members to fill 50 backpacks with school supplies. However, after an overwhelming response from our kind-hearted and charitable team members, the goal was increased to 100 backpacks. In total, 120 backpacks were filled. 

Each new backpack was filled with packaged lined paper, a binder, four mechanical pencils, three pens, a package of 24 crayons, a glue stick, a spiral notebook, a package of 12 colored pencils, and a pair of blunt nose scissors. 

The process for team members to donate was made simple through registries with Amazon and Walmart. All purchased products were delivered to the Geneva Rock/Beehive Insurance office building in Murray and then brought to the Utah Refugee Connection. 

Last year, the Utah Refugee Connection distributed over 6,000 backpacks to refugee children in the state, and similar goals were set in 2022. 

Beehive Insurance and Geneva Rock are honored to give to those in need, and the refugees coming to Utah provided the perfect opportunity. The Clyde Companies family of businesses is proud to participate in initiatives that help in Building a Better Community

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