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Josh Maxwell

Josh Maxwell describes his start to the insurance industry as “really random,” but it’s an industry he’s quickly learned to embrace.

“I was doing some bookkeeping work for a contractor in town, and Brad Anderson (current Senior Vice President at Beehive Insurance) was working with us to get a policy,” Josh said. “We got a quote with him, and the owner I worked with made an off comment one day. Brad jokingly said, ‘Whoa, are you sure you want to work for these guys, Josh?’ I said, ‘Are you hiring at Beehive Insurance? Maybe I could work for you.’ He said they were. About 2-3 weeks later, I called him back and said I was looking for a change, and things progressed from there.”

Josh began his insurance career in 2018 as a producer, obtaining his licensing within the first month of starting. Since then, he’s worked to grow his own book of clients.

“Getting my name out there has been the biggest on-going process I’ve worked on since I started,” Josh said. “Just taking time to become known in the community has been key. Involvement with some of the associations has been helpful. It’s one thing to go out and say, ‘Hey, can I write your insurance?’ And it’s another when they can get to know you and see you being involved with different activities and events, knowing that you’re going to be around.

“Based on my experience in that first year, potential clients aren’t really thinking that you’re going to be around for long. Plus, you’re still getting used to things and learning. The second year was a little bit better when those potential clients say, ‘Okay, he’s still here.’ By the third year, they were saying, ‘Oh yeah, he’s still here and knows what he’s doing. We’ll give him a shot.’ So, it’s gotten a little bit better for me every year through the process.”

It’s that patience that has helped Josh succeed in the business as he has progressed to a Senior Account Executive/Producer role and earned his National Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) Designation and his Master of Business Administration (MBA). He knows that his drive will continue to allow him to advance in his career.

“I really like that it’s kind of like running my own business,” Josh said. “Essentially, I can go and plan my schedule. If I want to get a raise, I know I just have to work harder. It’s nice to have your own budget and schedule that you can manage. That freedom has been probably one of my favorite parts.”

A native of Enoch, Utah, Josh and his family have loved getting to know those in the community through his new position.

“I want to continue to be involved in the community and give back and serve,” Josh said. “I’d also like to continue on in my education of insurance so that I can know how best to advise my clients. I plan on continuing to pursue further designations through the National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research. The insurance industry is always changing and there’s always more to learn.”

Despite the ever-evolving world of insurance, Josh has found a home at Beehive Insurance and looks forward to many years with the company.

“I really like the culture at Beehive Insurance,” Josh said. “Everybody has been super awesome. They want you to be successful and provide helpful resources to do so. They’ve always been very good to work with — very understanding, very respectful. They say how something’s going to be, and it’s been that way. Nothing’s hidden. They’re very open. It’s been nice to be in such a professional atmosphere.”

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