First-Class Women in Construction: Melissa Camp

Women in Construction week is the first full week in March. Currently, only 13% of employees in the construction industry are female, according to Construction Coverage. By highlighting women involved in the trade, we hope to increase the number of women in construction and the growing role they play in the industry.

Melissa Camp currently serves as the director of finance and administration for the Associated General Contractors of Utah (AGC of Utah).

“Essentially, my role here is to handle a little bit of everything,” Melissa said. “We are a nonprofit trade association that works with members of the commercial construction community in Utah. In addition to handling the finances, I get to be a meeting planner, work with membership development, and many other things.”

Because the AGC of Utah is an organization that serves the construction industry as a whole, Melissa finds the work extremely rewarding.

“We don’t look at the different construction companies in Utah as competitors,” Melissa said. “We get to look at them as an industry as a whole. Individuals are coming together to solve construction problems.

“It’s nice to be able to look at things from an outsider’s perspective. I’ve been able to meet so many people over the years. That’s probably been my favorite part.”

Melissa has been with the AGC of Utah for nearly 20 years. She understands better than most the important role women play in the construction industry.

“Construction has been known as a man’s world for so long, but that’s ever-evolving and changing,” Melissa said. “I think women bring a different perspective. They have different skills, new opinions, and new experiences that diversify the workplace. It’s always better for women to be involved.

“I didn’t know what I was getting into with this job at first, but, obviously, I have loved it. What started out as something that I thought might be a job lasting for a few years has turned into a 19-year career, which says a lot for our industry and a lot for the people that we’re involved with.”

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