W.W. Clyde Celebrated Inventions While Building Clyde Companies

First WW Clyde Grader

Beehive Insurance was founded in 1961 by W.W. Clyde, construction mogul and head of WW Clyde, a self-named construction company. W.W. became successful enough to start his own insurance company (and other subsidiaries under the Clyde Companies name) because he continually utilized the latest technological innovations of the day.

W.W. recognized the potential of the road construction industry with the invention of the automobile and the passing of the Highway Act of 1921 – which necessitated the construction of interconnected highways throughout the country.

The first contract WW Clyde worked on, just west of Wendover, Nevada, was completed with a single fresno dirt scraper and four horses. Road construction techniques have since progressed, and WW Clyde has stayed relevant in the industry because of its use of the most cutting-edge equipment of the day.

Today, we at Beehive Insurance, WW Clyde, and the rest of the Clyde Companies subsidiaries honor our past as we build the future with the celebration of National Inventors’ Day.

National Inventors’ Day honors ingenuity. It’s a day to encourage learning and to take advantage of the many inventions that have contributed to building a better community.

Just as W.W. Clyde utilized modern technology through the years to accelerate and build his first company, Beehive Insurance capitalizes on the latest upgrades and innovations in the insurance space to support your ever-evolving business needs.

From small businesses starting out to organizations with an established legacy, our agency can contribute to and help protect your success. Providing exceptional insurance products is just the start. At Beehive Insurance, we provide value-added services and have decades of experience helping companies make smart business decisions. Try our experience, service, and reputation to achieve outstanding results.

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