What you need to know about the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Affordable Care Act Information

Many business owners don’t have the clarity they wish they had surrounding the finer points of the Affordable Care Act. At nearly 20,000 pages, it’s an overwhelming piece of legislation – where do you even start? It’s long, it’s complex, and a lot of it doesn’t seem to apply to you – or does it?  

Beehive Insurance Agents want to help you understand what applies to your businesses and how to avoid the confusion and weigh the possible fees resulting from the ACA. Beehive Insurance recently released a webinar series that walks business owners through relevance, types of employees and coverage, and consequences of not providing coverages. 

Does the ACA apply to me? 

Under the ACA, the types and numbers of your employees determines if your business is legally obligated to provide coverage to your employees. Check out this video (linked) to learn if your business is affected by the ACA. 

What do I have to provide to who? 

Full time isn’t 40! Your employee’s hours can affect whether you need to offer them coverage, and it can get complicated. Watch this video (linked) to learn more about who you need to offer coverage to. 

What happens if I don’t? 

Offering affordable coverage can get expensive. Knowing the full cost of compliance with the cost of non-compliance helps you make the best decisions for your company and your employees. Watch this video to learn about the fines associated with the ACA. 

For a detailed and customized plan for your business, reach out to a Beehive Insurance Agent today. We can help you make sense of how the ACA requirements apply to your business and the best approach to save you money and avoid unnecessary surprises from the ACA. 

***While the webinar series and the information linked above is a summary and overview of the Affordable Care Act, it is not tax or legal advice. 

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