What Does Workers Compensation Do For Me?

Warehouse Managers

This is a fair question and one that deserves a clear answer, but that answer depends on who you are. If you are a business owner, then you understand the contribution that your employees provide.  For many businesses, the loss of their skilled labor would significantly diminish their ability to meet the needs of their customers.  Workers comp is the means of getting injured employees the emergency care and even follow-up care they need to return to work. Workers compensation in most cases also serves as the “sole remedy”.  This means that the medical coverage and other benefits offered through the work comp policy are all the employee can collect from the employer.  This provides a shield for cash flow and company assets. If you are an employee, then workers compensation means that your on-the-job-injuries will be covered with no out of pocket expenses.  The work comp policy even has a wage replacement benefit should your injuries prevent you from returning to work right away. I have witnessed many claims that would have otherwise bankrupted a small business if not for the broad coverage offered through the WC policy.  Everyone can see that a company that is forced to close by unexpected medical costs, benefits neither the employer nor the employees. For more information on Workers Compensation feel free to call an Agent at Beehive Insurance at 801-685-6860 or visit The Utah Labor Commission website at: www.laborcommission.utah.gov/

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