Risking a lot for a little

We are going to start with a little bit of daydreaming today! Let’s say you’re in Switzerland driving your new Audi R8 along a winding mountain road. It’s a beautiful day. You’re enjoying the drive. Maybe you’ve got some of your favorite music going. And you’re on your way to a nice dinner party with all of your best friends. Nice day dream right? Ok, now as you turn a corner you see down the road some farmer has about 1,000 sheep crossing the road. Well there go your plans for being on time for the party. You’re going to have to wait for all these sheep to get across the road. But then you notice a path on your left that looks like a shortcut past the sheep. The only problem is, it looks like a trail a Jeep Wrangler would like more than your Audi R8. Rocky, rough, and not very sports car friendly. What do you do? Take the shortcut or not? In this situation you can take the shortcut to save maybe five minutes. At the same time, if you end up taking the shortcut, you risk having to leave your car in the shop for three weeks to get fixed. Are you willing to risk a lot just to save a little bit of time? Insurance is the same way. Sometimes we may decide to go without certain types of coverage just so we can save $20 a year. Sure, you might have an extra $20 in your wallet today. But what happens if you have an accident that would have been covered had you paid that extra $20? You’re not covered, and you’re most likely out much more than $20. When a lot of us think of insurance, we usually start thinking “I just want to find the cheapest insurance I can!” While I applaud your sense of frugality, have you ever wondered if you were increasing your risk by getting the “cheapest” price? What kind of coverage are you paying for when you are able to save some money on your premium? And how much money do you really save on the amazing deal? Sometimes when we go after the cheapest price, we end up with coverage which is well…subpar. Now let’s reverse the “a lot” and the “a little”. What if we pay a little more in premium each month? What happens to our degree of risk? In some cases you can end up reducing your risk by a lot! You end up getting a lot more protection! That sounds more appealing doesn’t it? Now back to the daydreaming, I’m sure you decided to wait it out because you weren’t willing to risk that much just to save a few minutes. And guess what! You are still able to make the dinner party on time, and as an added bonus they start shooting fireworks just because you showed up! Isn’t daydreaming great?

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