Feel like you just finished your insurance renewal for this year?

Effectively managing your insurance rates is a multi-month process. To secure the best possible rates, work with an agent that keeps an eye on your insurability profile all year long. It can mean as much as a 30% difference in rates.

Start the renewal process 6 months from expiration to ensure you get the rate you deserve.


Don’t let poor safety scores be a surprise at renewal. Company underwriters use CSA and Basic scores to form a quick first impression of your operation. If your scores are out of whack, it can set off early alarms and keep you from getting preferred pricing.

Address issues with CSA and Basic scores early, as they won’t change overnight. With the help of Our Safety Department, we can work to improve your scores and implement meaningful action plans to correct any issues well in advance of an underwriter’s review.

Review CSA & BASIC Scores

Resolve Issues Early With a Trusted Agent

Consider Monthly CSA Monitoring

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You deserve the best rate, so choose to be represented by an agent that has proven working relationships with trucking insurance companies. An agent with experience in trucking insurance will understand your work and be able to negotiate the best rate to comprehensively cover the needs of your operation. It’s the agent’s responsibility to represent you, so choose an agent who knows your business.

If your insurance agent or insurance company isn’t helping you manage all aspects of your Insurability Profile, look for someone who can.

At Beehive Insurance Agency, our agents average 20+ years in trucking insurance. We represent the nation’s top trucking insurance carriers and have access to several carriers that other agencies don’t. This exclusive access gives our clients more options to find the coverage tailored to fit their needs.

Select a Qualified Trucking Insurance Agent

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The loss run process can take weeks to complete and most companies will not quote without them. Stay a step ahead of the game by getting loss run request letters ready to send out early.

Beehive Insurance agents have templates and contacts to make the loss runs requesting process a cinch. Worried it will be difficult or uncomfortable to get loss runs from your current agent? No problem. We have direct contacts with insurance companies to simplify that process for you.

We’ll also help you order driving records. Compile the necessary details, like names, license numbers, dates of birth, dates of hire, and years of experience and we’ll do the rest. While you’re compiling, it’s a great time to nalize your equipment list at the same time. For that, you’ll need year, make, VIN, and current values for each piece.

Get Loss Run Request Letters Ready Early

Compile Driving Records & Equipment Lists

Have a Trusted Agent Request Driving Records

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At this point, your Beehive Insurance Agent will have your submission complete and ready to go. We’ll send it to multiple companies for quotes. Completed submissions oat to the top of the top of the stack and are given priority treatment, so we make sure your submissions get that treatment.

With our experience and well-developed relationships with insurance companies that specialize in trucking, we can anticipate and address concerns up front. This will help speed up the quoting process and help secure all available credits.

Beehive Agent Sends Out Completed Submission 90 Days Before Expiration

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Beehive Insurance agents work with 16 different insurance carriers to help nd the right t for you. As the various company underwriters are nalizing your quotes, they may have additional questions or concerns that need to be addressed. Quick, detailed responses help speed up the process and help secure all available credits.

This is an important time in the rating process. Frequent communication and good relationships are vital for good rates. We will work together to ensure the carriers get exactly what they need to quote you the best rate.

Provide Quick & Detailed Responses to Underwriter Requests

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We’ve made it. Most quotes will be complete at this point and ready for your review.

Many trucking companies prefer to arrange payment plans. Some insurance companies offer direct payment plans with no interest and others require a third party premium nance agreement. Your Beehive agent can work on multiple options to find the most affordable plan for you.

Bind early. There is no need to wait until the last minute. We recommend binding at least 2 weeks prior to your expiration date to make sure filings are in place and certificates of insurance can be sent. Coverage can be bound and effective dates can be set weeks in advance. You don’t want to shut down for a week waiting for paperwork to catch up.

Review Quotes

Secure Financing

Bind Early

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I would love to help you manage your upcoming trucking insurance renewal. For help with your renewal or to speak with a trucking insurance professional, call me directly at 801-685-6860 or fill out our form below. We can get started in any stage of your renewal process.

I look forward to helping you get the best rate and the best coverage for your business. Please feel free to Email me with any questions.

Brian Mills