Healthcare Reform Consulting

Healthcare Reform brings significant challenges to employers and their workforce. The complex questions raised for employers by Healthcare Reform presents a unique need to evaluate your current coverage strategies in a way never before needed. Our audit and detailed reports will allow any employer the ability to proactively prepare for the continuing changes brought about by Healthcare Reform.

Beehive Insurance can provide your organization with a customized analysis of PPACA’s impact, as well as a variety of possible employer strategies and scenarios.

Our Decision Support Audit includes:

  • Potential tax liability under the “play or pay” tax
  • Minimum wages that employers must pay to avoid offering “unaffordable coverage”
  • The cost of the current benefits plan that the employer provides
  • A Small Business Health Care Tax Credit eligibility test
  • “Cadillac Plan” tax applicability and tax liability
  • The cost of supplemental insurance products offered by the employer
  • Healthcare Reform provision applicability
  • Future healthcare costs
  • Alternate strategies to help employers deal with Healthcare Reform
  • A “Full-Time Equivalent Employee Calculator”

The audit will also include a detailed Healthcare Reform Checklist, and Cost
Modeling options for several alternate strategies. Some of the Cost Modeling options
and alternate strategies addressed:

  • Decreasing employer contributions
  • Dropping coverage and paying tax liabilities
  • Implementing a consumer driven health plan (i.e. FSA, HRA, HSA)
  • Alternate Plan structure

Please contact our in-house Reform Team for information regarding our Healthcare Reform consulting services.

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