Here’s The Skid On Snow Tires

Whether you love or despise the adventure driving in the snow, here is some good information on snow tires and a list of top rated winter tires if you’re in the market. Don’t think you are exempt from needing winter tires just because your car has a good traction control and anti-lock braking system.  Experts say only dedicated snow tires will actually improve your vehicle’s grip in winter conditions.  This is because snow tires have special tread designs that help them dig into the snow and ice.  They also have softer rubber compounds that let them stay more flexible at lower temperatures than your average all-season tire. Narrow tires are better for driving in winter conditions. Although wider tires are a popular look these days, narrower tires are best for cutting through snow and slush.  Check your owners’ manual to make sure you are using the right size tire for your vehicle.  It’s also important to use four matching tires.  Although it may be tempting to buy just two snow tires, different tires react differently and non-matching tires can be unpredictable in the way they handle in the snow. Winter tires wear faster than regular tires, so remove them promptly.  Snow tires don’t come with treadwear ratings.  Their softer rubber compound and deeper treads wear down faster than all-season tires.  Make sure you install them before the snow hits, and remove them promptly in the Spring. Best reviewed snow tires by Consumer Research as of November 2011: Best winter tire:  Michelin X-ice Xi2 Budget snow tire: General Altimax Artic Studded snow tire: Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 Mild winter performance tire: Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3 SUV/Light truck winter tire: Bridgstone Blizzak DM-V1

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