At least 20 – 50 percent of businesses are overcharged for their workers’ compensation insurance. Take back control of your workers’ comp with WorkComp Hive, a financially proven business solution from Beehive Insurance.

WorkComp Hive analyzes every aspect of your existing workers’ comp program to identify and correct errors, train on and increase accuracy in reporting, and assist with improving ratings by getting you every credit you deserve. The WorkComp Hive team is your partner and advocate. Learn more about WorkComp Hive, your ultimate solution for mastering your workers compensation costs.


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The Work Comp Hive Process

As much as we would like to be the solution for everyone sometimes you may not be a fit for our program. However, it doesn’t cost anything for WorkComp Hive to analyze your insurance program. We do all the work. If you are not getting these services from you current Broker, call us for a free no-obligation assessment
There are more options for your workers compensation than you might be aware of. There are Captives, Large and Small Deductible Plans, Retro-Plans and Self Insurance Plans. Let us analyze you program and explain the different options to fit your appetite for risk.
Preventing Injuries is perhaps the single greatest feature of our process. Give us the opportunity to show you what we have done for others. How we have been able to take clients e-mods from a grade of 1.90 to a .73 in just a few short years, by adhering to proven best “practices for hiring new employees” and using leading indicators as the best way to change the behavior of your employees.
Let us show you the a simple way to keep up with OSHA’s changing regulations on reporting injuries, developing relationships with your Occupational Injury Clinic and employee evolvement in the return to work program.
Working with an expert in workers compensation coverage is good, but working with someone who not only understands the complexities of workers compensation and how they relate to your specific industry is even better.

Our agents have expertise in the following industries:

  • Manufacturing (Light & Higher Exposures)
  • Contractors
  • Trucking
  • Mining & Quarries
  • Medical Products Manufacturing
  • Medical Services
  • Nutraceuticals Manufacturing
  • And many other industries
  • Audit Package
  • Back on the Job Coordinator
  • Clinic Relationship
  • Conditional Offer of Employment
  • E-Mod Reports
  • E-Mod Verification
  • Employee Incentive Programs
  • Employers UT WC Guide
  • Federal and State Posters
  • Green Beans and Ice Cream Leadership training by Bill Sims
  • Hazard Communication Plan
  • HR 360
  • Injured Worker WC Benefits
  • Injury Reporting Process
  • Job Bank – Transitional Duty
  • Leadership Training Modules
  • Loss Run Information
  • OSHA Reporting 300 Log and 300A
  • Post Offer Medical Questionnaire
  • Power of Positive Reinforcement
  • Pre-Hire Testing Program
  • Projecting Future E-Mods
  • Safety Committee Resources
  • Safety Culture Assessment
  • Safety 24/7 by Greg Anderson
  • Steps to 100% OSHA Compliance
  • Workers Compensation Benefits
  • Workers Compensation Training Schedule
  • Year End Policy Reviews

WorkCompHive offers many other services, including:

  • Executive and Mid-Level Leadership Training
  • Initial NEW and Functioning Safety Committee Training
  • Behavioral Safety Training
  • Tool Box Meeting Materials and Assessment
  • OSHA Compliance Review and Training
  • Forklift Training
  • Defensive Driver Training
  • Positive Reinforcement & Incentives Training, as taught by world renowned expert and author, Bill Sims Jr.

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Kay began working in the insurance business in 1989. He received his Certified Insurance Councilors (CIC) designation from the National Alliance for Insurance Education and is working towards a Certified Risk Managers (CRM) designation. Kay has served as President of the Independent Insurance Agents of Salt Lake and as President of the Utah Independent Insurance Agents. In 2010, he was recognized as the Independent Insurance Agent of the Year by the Utah Independent Insurance Association.

In 2011 Kay decided to specialize in Workers Compensation Insurance. Since that time, he has received his Certified Workers Compensation Advisors (CWCA) certification for the Institute of Workers Compensation Professional. Kay is passionate about Workers Compensation Insurance. It is one of the few insurance policies that the business owner has some real control over its ultimate cost. Kay works with the small business owner to the mid-sized corporation, providing the education and tools to master their Workers Compensation costs.