Susan Smith-Childs

Senior Account Executive

Susan began her Insurance Career, accidentally, when her Mother got her a job as a receptionist with an Insurance Agency, when Susan was still in high school, to make sure that Susan didn’t have too much time on her hands. Susan’s mother was in the Insurance Industry, as well, and helped Susan move forward in her career, as she was raising her children.
In 1998, Susan began working at Beehive Insurance Agency and began specializing in Insurance for Nonprofits. Susan feels like she has struck gold with this specialty, and works with Nonprofit Organizations in all 50 states. She enjoys helping even the smallest Nonprofit Organizations obtain the coverage that they need, to move forward with their vision.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

Raising 4 children who have all turned out reasonably well rounded

Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Australia (I am one of the lucky one who has family there)

What is your favorite sports team?

Los Angeles Dodgers