Sandy Price

Account Manager

Sandy has been with Beehive Insurance since July 2006. She specializes in personal lines insurance and has been doing it for 40 years. She enjoys the relationships and friendships she’s developed with her clients over the years. She worked both on the company side and the agency side.

How did you get into the insurance industry?

I started in the insurance industry at the age of 18 typing commercial policies, then went into claims and from there personal lines.

What is your greatest accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment is my family. I enjoy spending time with my kids and grandkids, going to their games and just spending time with them. Golfing with my grandkids who are a lot better at it than I am.

What is your favorite part about insurance?

My favorite quote is Wrinkles mean you laughed, grey hair means you care and scars mean you lived