Brent Austin

Account Executive

Brent joined the transportation team at Beehive Insurance in 2020 after several years in transportation-related support fields. Prior to joining Beehive, Brent worked in the Banking and Finance industries since 2004 and has been in Underwriting and Portfolio Management positions since 2008. His experience comes with companies such as Bank of Utah, Transportation Alliance Bank (TAB Bank), and England Carrier Services, a financial services division of England Logistics and CR England.
Brent strives to bring the best service possible to his clients through analyzing the client’s needs and making sure that they are not only getting the best coverage possible, but the best customer support as well. Through his experience in the Banking, Finance, and Transportation fields, Brent is able to bring value-add ideas as he consults with both small and large trucking companies.

Brent graduated from Utah State University (GO AGGIES!) and enjoys attending as many basketball and football games as he can. He is fluent in Spanish, a skill which has been very useful over the years in providing service to Spanish-speaking clients.

Brent tries to find humor in life, which leads him to watch a lot of Seinfeld and The Office. When at home, he tries to balance watching baseball and basketball with attending ballet recitals for his three girls. He is married to the love of his life, Natasha, who has a degree in Culinary Arts and is a private chef, so he is also the taste-tester for a lot of delicious recipes.

What is your favorite movie?

I really enjoy the entire Star Wars saga

Little known fact about you…

I am a book nerd, and would love to write a book one day

Words you live by…

“Balance doesn’t mean equal but finding the proper proportion of each”