Alan Calderon

Account Executive

Alan has been at Beehive since 2016 as a part of the Employee Benefits team. He graduated from the University of Utah in Psychology and then earned his MBA from BYU with a focus on Human Resources, so he has been preparing to add value to organizations’ employees and administrators by providing the best package of benefits and ongoing service possible. He speaks fluent Spanish so he is the primary resource in the Benefits Department to assist those clients that speak Spanish as their first language. Alan specializes in group and individual policies.¬†

Alan gets the most satisfaction out of helping clients navigate the sometimes complicated waters of health insurance and providing them with enough knowledge to empower them to make educated decisions for themselves or their organizations. He believes that the more his clients understand the “Why” behind offering employee benefits, the better the decisions they will make. He also takes pride in the ongoing service he provides to his¬†clients after their policies are in place.

When he’s not working, Alan enjoys spending time with his wife as well as his parents and siblings enjoying the outdoors, playing games, or enjoying great food!

What is your favorite activity to do in Utah?

Mountain biking in Moab

What is the best thing to do on your day off?

Spend time with my wife

What is your lifelong dream?

Travel to Buenos Aires and Mendoza, Argentina with my wife to introduce her to my family heritage and the amazing food and culture.