Why Beehive?

One thing about insurance that you are more than likely aware of, is that there are a ton of options out there.  You probably wouldn’t think twice if you saw a drive up insurance agency open up right next to your favorite fast food restaurant!  Would you like fries with that Commercial Auto Policy?

However not all insurance agencies are created equal.  When you are looking for a way to protect what is most important to you, the drive through agency probably isn’t the way to go.  You deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your insurance agent has taken care of you.

With all the options out there, you are probably asking yourself why you should trust us with your insurance.  To help answer that question, here are some things that we think set us apart from everyone else:


  • Beehive has over 50 years serving our customers.
  • Our agents have an average of 20 years experience in insurance.
  • The total amount of experience among our agents is over 325 years!


  • We represent many of the nation’s top insurance carriers.
  • We have access to many insurance carriers other agencies don’t have access to.
  • This access gives us the opportunity to provide YOU with more options to find the coverage that is tailored to fit your needs.


  • Beehive can be your one stop shop for all things insurance.  We are able to write any type of business insurance, employee benefits, life and health insurance, as well as all types of personal insurance.
  • We are committed to finding the right coverage that fits your needs and is easy on your wallet.
  • Service has always been our top priority.  We are here to become your trusted insurance advisors.


  • Many of our customers have been with us for a number of years after seeing the difference we can make for them.
  • Beehive is a member of the Clyde Companies, which has a reputation in Utah for always working hard and maintaining a high level of integrity.
  • Our employees have also been recognized by customers and other companies for their commitment to service and integrity.

But don’t just take our word for it, find out what others have said about their experience with us.