Hive-HR is a comprehensive business solution that is offered to all Beehive Benefit clients. We believe in using technology to modernize benefit administration. Hive HR helps you simplify your new hire and renewal process by streamlining your employee management and enrollment process.

Hive-HR solves the reporting and tracking requirements mandated by the IRS and provides simple data collection tools to help your company stay ACA compliant. We provide a full suite of benefits including COBRA administration, legal consultations, certified HR guidance, discounted background screenings, employee benefits administration, ACA compliance consultations and much, much more.

The Hive-HR team is committed to providing your business with superior local service and expertise. We strive to find creative solutions to all your employee benefit needs.


HIVE HR – A Comprehensive Business Solution

We’re in the Employee Benefits Business so you don’t have to be!

HIVE HR - A Comprehensive Solution

Included benefit offshoots:

  • Handbook Review
  • HR360
  • Centralized PTO Tracking
  • BizAssure
  • ACA Compliance Tracking
  • Wrap360 (WRAP/POP Documents)
  • Payroll Resources / Integration
  • Victig (Background Screenings)
  • Paperless Onboarding
  • Security Practices
  • COBRA Administration
  • Work Comp & Risk Management
  • One on One Training & Support
  • Team Approach

What makes HIVE-HR Different?


  • HIVE-HR Build-Out of employee administration system
  • One on One HR Staff & Employee Training
    • Comprehensive personalized training process
    • We never leave your side. Our support staff is your friendly, knowledgeable customer service advocates.
  • Ongoing Resources
    • No matter how you learn, we have a resource available to you including videos, webinars, etc.
  • In-Person Open and New Hire Enrollment Team


The HIVE-HR Experience

We believe in using technology to modernize benefits administration.
Give new hires an awesome first day, not a stack of paperwork. Our customizable Onboarding tool makes it easy for HR to get new hires up and running in minutes.
Our System allows you to request, review & approve PTO without breaking a sweat.
Worried about the reporting & tracking requirements for ACA? We’ve got you covered. These tools help track employee eligibility as well as setting up measurement and stability periods. Don’t bother spending thousands on a system that takes months to configure, our ACA dashboard is integrated, and it’s FREE.
The best data collection tool for 1094/1095 reporting. Track and categorize your employees, import health plan enrollment data, calculate affordability & your monthly FTE and generate your 1094-C & 1095-C forms.
We have strong relationships with local and national payroll services providers to offer our customers reliable alternatives to your payroll needs.
We can simplify your COBRA administration by partnering with integrated COBRA vendors.
Go beyond the basics and improve communication and engagement with quick access to reports and configuration tools.
HR360 is the premier online HR library providing the comprehensive content, how-to guidelines and forms you need to stay compliant.
Your Employee Handbook is your company’s first line of defense for employee claims. Beehive offers a free handbook review through BizAssure.
Deliver critical information to your employees when they need it. The HR In Hand App give employees instant access to benefits and company information.
We achieve the highest level of security by performing full security audits of our products and infrastructure regularly. Our security practices have been evaluated as part of our SOC 2 Type I attestation.
Manage your interactions in one place so you can spend more time growing your business and less time on manual processes. Help your employees help themselves by using the easy to navigate self-service enrollment portal. This allows HR & employees to find the information they need without having to call for support.
No More Paper, never worry about tracking down a signed app or wondering if employees have reviewed all of their compliance documents.
Streamlined Employee Management, know instantly when enrollment events occur and minimize claim & billing issues. Whether its benefits, compliance or messaging, employees are always in the loop.

Other Integrated Services:



WRAP/POP Compliance Documents

Payroll Resources


Background Screenings
Discounted Program

Hive HR is an amazing business tool. Whether we need legal help, HR guidance, ACA assistance, or using the online benefits enrollment system, Hive HR delivers. The one on one training and implementation from the Beehive team have been invaluable.”Amy Harding – Sr. Executive Assistant, Capital Premium Financing

What’s In It for Me?



  • Attract & Retain Key Employees
  • Control Cost
  • Strategically align benefit solutions with company’s vision for the future.
  • Business Consulting Services
  • Unlimited Free Legal Consultations
  • Control Risk
  • Discounted Background Screenings through Victig
  • Time Management – Empower employees
  • Minimize billing issues with Carriers
  • Improve Employee Morale
  • No cost Resources (FREE)
  • Paperless Administration
  • Control your own Data
  • Plan Funding Options



  • Team Multiplier (our team becomes an extension of your company)
  • Expert Benefit Advisors
  • Compliance tools keep your company safe.
  • Streamline benefit administration
  • Improves Communication
  • Gain instant access to your data
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Streamlines benefit shopping experience
  • Modernizes employee management
  • Streamline new hire & open enrollment
  • COBRA Support
  • Customizable Contribution Strategies
  • HR360 –online HR Library Resource
  • Online Personal Notes
  • Track & Approve Employee Changes
  • Event Transaction Logs
  • Event Based Compliance Triggers
  • Customizable Onboarding
  • Personalized One on One Training
  • In Person Enrollment Specialists
  • Ongoing Support & Resources
  • Easy PTO Tracking Capability
  • Robust Reporting Technology
  • Reduce Administration Errors



  • Intuitive benefit Enrollment
  • Mobile Access
  • Easy access to benefit summaries
  • Improved Communication
  • Streamlined product education
  • Paperless on-boarding
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Personal Records management
  • Dependent Management
  • Access to HR Information
  • Salary History
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Job Description Summaries
  • Offering more Choice