Nonstop Health: Making Healthcare Accessible and Affordable

Nonstop Health

Have you heard of Nonstop Health? Nonstop Health addresses the challenges of high deductible health plans (HDHPs), and I’m excited to share how it can benefit your organization and employees.

Nonstop Health pairs with your traditional HDHP, significantly reducing out-of-pocket costs. Here’s how it works: When you enroll, you receive a Nonstop Visa card preloaded with funds up to your deductible amount. For instance, if you have a $7,000 deductible, the card is pre-funded with $7,000. This effectively turns a high deductible plan into a zero-deductible plan by covering your out-of-pocket expenses from day one.

Advantages of Nonstop Health:

  1. Access to Care: Employees no longer need to delay necessary medical treatments or prescriptions because of cost concerns. The preloaded Nonstop Visa card allows immediate access to funds for any covered medical expenses.
  2. Cost Management: For employers, Nonstop Health can help manage the medical loss ratio. Since employees use the card for initial expenses, the health insurance carrier’s liability is minimized until the deductible is met, potentially lowering premium increases year over year.
  3. Ease of Use: A member portal simplifies the process. Employees can submit and track claims, check their card balance and access plan documents online.
  4. Broad Accessibility: Available to any member of the Utah Nonprofit Association (UNA), Nonstop Health is also accessible to non-profit organizations with 50 or more enrolled employees.
  5. Peace of Mind: With funds readily available on the Nonstop Visa card, employees can focus on their health without financial stress.

For more information about Nonstop Health and how it can benefit your organization, please reach out to us at Beehive Insurance. We believe in providing solutions that enhance your healthcare experience and reduce financial burdens.

Stay happy and healthy with Nonstop Health!

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