We Value People: Simon Fehoko

Simon Fehoko

Simon Fehoko has only been at Beehive Insurance for four months, but he couldn’t be happier with his decision to join the company. 

“Being in the insurance industry, you hear of and know a lot of the major players in the market,” Simon said. “I spent the last 12+ years at Blue Cross Blue Shield, and when I went looking to make a change, I talked to a lot of people in the industry. Every one of those people had listed Beehive Insurance in their top three of people and places they loved working with. Beehive Insurance really has a great reputation in the marketplace. 

“I learned that I had a connection with someone at the company. I set up a meeting with her to learn more and things progressed from there.” 

Simon works in the benefits department, helping companies put together benefits plans for their employees. As a benefits producer, he works with various types of companies ranging in size from mid to large. He enjoys assisting them with their benefits goals. 

“It has been awesome here,” Simon said. “The people really are first class—the operation in general and the big picture—everything about it. It’s been awesome. I’m glad I made the change, and I look forward to contributing to the future success of the company. Being new here, I want to be able to come in and contribute to the growth of Beehive Insurance and make a difference.” 

Simon brings 25+ years of insurance experience to Beehive Insurance. However, he didn’t think that it would be the industry that he ended up in. 

“When I was in school, I definitely wasn’t thinking about insurance,” Simon said. “I accidentally fell into it. I was going to school working in the IT department in computer operations and thought that that would be my future. But when I graduated, they had an opening in their sales and marketing department. I applied and got it and have been in sales, particularly insurance, ever since.” 

Through the years, Simon has learned to appreciate the unique challenges that the insurance industry brings day in and day out. 

“There’s never a dull moment in this industry,” Simon said. “There are constant changes that keep you on your toes. You are constantly challenged and have to adapt to unique client situations, trying to come up with solutions since there often isn’t a one-size-fits-all option. This is the industry you want to be in if you want to be challenged and enjoy working and building lasting relationships.” 

From time to time, Simon reflects on how he ended up at Beehive Insurance. 

“In our space, every insurance agency essentially does the same thing,” Simon said. “When you’re looking for a place to join, you want to find somewhere that’s client oriented and puts their clients first while trying to create long-term relationships. 

“By joining Beehive Insurance, I’ve joined an agency that’s a family. That’s how I feel after coming here. If I do my part, I know they’ll do their part to put me in the best opportunity to succeed.”

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